How To Wash Your Motorcycle

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If you’re in a hurry, you can skip this step, but if you’re not, this is a good chance to take five minutes, make a cup of tea, and let the bike wash and drivetrain cleaner soak in and do their thing. Step 6: Rinse. Use the gentle cycle on your hose or a bucket of clean water and rinse the whole bike, drivetrain and all.

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Kwik Kar Wash and Keller Family Lube Center is a family-owned and operated business since 2004. We strive to be the best full service car wash/lube center in the D/FW metroplex.

Need to Know: Properly adjusted free-play in your drive chain is also important, and you will become familiar with the feel of your chain while you’re cleaning and lubricating it. Over time as your motorcycle drive chain wears it will become stretched and feel loose.

Your motorcycle helmet is the most important piece of gear that you have so it is critical to wash it correctly so the safety of the helmet is not compromised. Follow these tips to have your helmet looking and smelling like new when you hit the road again in spring.

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Motorcycle detailing may involve stripping your bike down almost to the frame to wash, polish and wax every external part. A simpler clean-up may mean removing the saddle and a few other external pieces that get in the way, such as saddlebags, side covers, and windshield.

Pro tips for detailing a motorcycle. Getting your bike professionally detailed can cost a bundle, from $200 all the way up to $600 for a complete job with the optional protectant package.

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Your motorcycle helmet is the most important piece of gear that you have so it is critical to wash it correctly so the safety of the helmet is not compromised. Follow these tips to have your helmet looking and smelling like new when you hit the road again in spring.

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Maxima Superbike Clean Kit Complete Bike and Chain Clean Kit Everything you need to clean your bike and chain in one kit. We include the microfiber towels, 3 shop rags and SC1 air freshener at no charge.

Winter will be over soon, so all motorcycle drivers need to take their bikes out of the garage and get them ready for the road. Before you can even start checking the fluids and tires, you need to learn how to properly wash your motorcycle in some easy steps. Having the right tools is the key to any project, so here is a quick overview of what you are going to need to wash your motorcycle.

A thorough exterior wash and dry by hand with special attention to grill work, whitewalls, wheels, wheel wells, spoilers, bumpers and gas tank door.

Driving your motorbike and taking care of it is one thing but what truly matters the most is your attitude. When you’re riding on your motorcycle, your clothes and your upper torso are protected with your.

Wash Wax ALL is a biodegradable, high-quality, aircraft grade wet or waterless wash and wax in one product. Clean & protect your vehicle, with or without water, anytime, anywhere, with no restrictions. Simply spray on and wipe dry for waterless washing or spray on as you dry your.

Specially formulated motorsport cleaning products designed to offer a faster, safer, and easier cleaning experience for motorcycle, atv, truck, jeep, and more. Get foam guns and foam cannons with your atv, utv, quad, 4-wheeler, or dirt bike cleaning kits.

Meguiar’s Classic Wash and Wax Kit is an essential 8-piece collection of quality Meguiar’s products that will help you keep your vehicle looking clean and shiny for less cash.

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It can feel like a chore, but keeping your bike clean can make a huge difference – and we’re not just talking about a quick bearing-stripping blast with the petrol station power washer either!

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Nonetheless, here’s our advice about what to do with what’s left over when you work on your car, truck or motorcycle at home.

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This article will provide a quick step-by-step guide for the best way to clean and lube a motorcycle chain. If you are looking for more detail, be sure to check out our How to Clean and Lube Your Motorcycle Chain video. where Lemmy goes a little more in-depth on some of the nuances of motorcycle chain maintenance.

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